United Nations Costumes

United Nations Costumes

United Nations Costumes for Kids (photo credits to serenityoverload.blogspot.com)

Looking for places on where to buy UN costumes for kids in Manila? Or perhaps someone to make a custom made (made to order) suit for you? To be able to come up with a compelling and special United Nations celebration costume, you have to first know what countries are its members. Remember that each national costumes have their own characteristic usually depicting the pride of the member country. Continue reading

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Halloween Costume: Manananggal – Available for rent, sale and custom made orders

Bat Wings

Manananggal (Bat) Wings

Winning 2nd place from last year’s Star City Halloween costume contest dubbed as Spooktober 2012, our Manananggal costume is truly a special trophy to boast of for Team Creartume.

We made this one special as it is where we poured our dedication and patience in making the traditional horror stalker of pregnant women from the bat-like wings of the female legend monster of Pinoys called the Manananggal to the special effects where we made a rubber latex material, resin and paper pulp combined to mold the internal organs (kidney, spinal and pelvic bones and the intestines of the half body of the said monster stalker (See Photo). Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes and Props for Rent

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At CostumePhilippines.Com or Creartume, we want to provide not just the service of making custom costumes but just today, our team decided to be open to possibilities.

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Cheongsam Chinese Costume Ideas and Dress for Kids and Adult

My family went to Taiwan last September of 2018. One of the best experience we’ve had was this visit to the JiuFen Old Street. Full of colorful designs in an old Chinese traditional street setting, JiuFen reminded me more of possibly being an old soul in my past life. In this Taiwan tourist spot, we will be looking for Qipao (Chipao) / Cheongsam traditional Chinese dress for props in our photo ops in the area. The three of us are excited to sip our cup of Oolong tea at the Skyline Tea House, one of the oldest surviving structures hanging in a cliff with very old setting and hardwood floors. (see our pictures) Continue reading

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