About Us

Costume Philippines is an information center and a diary for a custom costume making specialist based in the Philippines. Our team of freelance artists with proven track record and experience in the movie industry in the Philippines and in electronics effects with more than 10 years of experience in making custom fit costumes.

We outsource minor works to freelance and full time artist friends who have been working with us as part of our experienced support team and resource ready to assist you with your needs. This helps us maintain both worlds giving our customers one of the cheapest available online art product related services while maintaining the quality of our service.

We serve both unique and authentic costume ideas as well as existing exciting and compelling ones you can find online and on television. We also show sketches of our own costume ideas and allow revisions for our work for customization. These may be applied to:

For a list of samples, photos and costume ideas, you can browse over our categories in the sidebar or directly ask for a free quote above.

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