Cheongsam Chinese Costume Ideas and Dress for Kids and Adult

My family went to Taiwan last September of 2018. One of the best experience we’ve had was this visit to the JiuFen Old Street. Full of colorful designs in an old Chinese traditional street setting, JiuFen reminded me more of possibly being an old soul in my past life. In this Taiwan tourist spot, we will be looking for Qipao (Chipao) / Cheongsam traditional Chinese dress for props in our photo ops in the area. The three of us are excited to sip our cup of Oolong tea at the Skyline Tea House, one of the oldest surviving structures hanging in a cliff with very old setting and hardwood floors. (see our pictures)

qipao dress

Loving so much vintage stuff and liking seemingly virginĀ  and untouched old settings, we feasted around in sight of awe inspiring festivity of tourists from around the world. Before wandering around, my daughter and us couple found ourselves in a very small Chinese costume dress shop just after disembarking in our enjoyable sight-seeing 4 hour bus ride from our Inn/Hotel in Taiwan center where we stayed for 1 week thru booking in Airbnb. It was one of the cheapest stays we’ve booked since our Hongkong and Singapore trip. We arrived around lunch time in Jiu Fen.

Entering the small cute shop, it was a paradise for all sorts of accessories and gadgets and traditional Cheongsam / Qipao Chinese dress for kids, women and men neatly tacked in an open closet in hangers. Just below, you can find all sorts of shoes, bags and hat. While at the “tokador” or dresser, you can find different Chinese motiff accessories from bracelets, earrings, necklace.

Using Klook to Find Cheap Rent of Cheongsam Traditional Chinese Dress


I never thought it was a good idea to get a cheap rent for traditional Chinese costume in Jiu Fen via Klook, an app where my daughter told me she got thru searching and scouring for cheap tours and packages for all our previous tours done. Anyway, just to give you an idea what it looks like for Php 600+++ rent booking for the whole day for a woman’s traditional Qipao/Cheongsam see picture above. Quite cheap for a rent really convenient because the dress is clean and if you are also in a tour like us, it’s a practical choice not to bring so much excess baggage only to use for a few hours.

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