Halloween Costume Accessory: Pirate Hat Ala Captain Hook of Peter Pan Movie

Pirate Hat Halloween Costume Accessory

Pirate Hat Halloween Php 250.00

It’s 2012 and we all know that sooner or later, Pinoys will be celebrating Halloween come November. In line with this occasion / event, Creartume Team knows that there will be left and right party celebrations here and there in offices, schools, homes, bars, and yes, even in your favorite gig centers and amusement like Star City, Enchanted Kingdom.

While some of you guys, gals, boyfriends and girlfriends out there would surely be looking to buy or have a custom costume made especially for you, we’d like to announce that we now have an extra amenity in our list of products above. This is our new addition – Pirate HatAla Captain Hook in Peter Pan movie and fantasy story books. You can now buy it for only Php 250.00 bucks.

Made from special hat fabric, contoured to shallow head, this hat may now be had. For requests, you can contact us or email us. See picture above for the price and actual appearance.

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