Our Home Office: How To Get There Direction

For custom needs, please use our “Free Quote” section above or below

For rent needs, custom costume needs, please call or text us at 3663645 / 0932 8725532 (Sam) / 0932 4962980 (Lori) / 0927 3125532 (Ana) for initial transaction or you can visit our home office in Caloocan City – 136 Bayani Street near R. Papa.

How To Get To Costume Philippines:

For directions, please follow this:

Best drop off point is in R. Papa LRT station whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west part of Manila.

Look for the tricycle terminal located below the south bound LRT terminal in R. Papa. Take a ride to Bayani Street in the tricycles there. Instruct the trike driver to drop you off to the 3rd post (poste) from the corner or C.Namie and Bayani or to Purelife Aqua – Water Refilling Station (Astorga Street).

From here, walk about 5-7 meters to the next eskenita poste or ask from the tambays or tricycle terminal drivers in Astorga corner where Sam and Ana residence (Baja Compound) is. Again, it is just an eskenita away from the water station.

When inside the compound eskenita, ask anybody you come across with where Sam and Ana house is. Please see the map taken from Google Maps Philippines below for a street waypoint guide.

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