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Art Workshop Schedule

Good news to all art attack buffs, kids, teens, young adults, business entrepreneurs and interested art workshop attendees. We are now opening our doors to a list of workshops soon. On this page is where we will post the updates from schedule to cost of each curriculum as well as other options from available time slots and upcoming summer workshop events.

We will be updating this page no later than midway September listing down the available artist to teach art related courses to all interested enrollee. Enrollment is open time so we can accommodate all of you as we are all freelance artists. We have a home office set up for each course and we offer modules and teaching materials included in each course so you won’t have to worry buying what you need. Team Creartume will take care of everything for you so all you have to do is to attend your scheduled dates of workshop.

Please note that failed attendance will be absolutely counted off as 1 day of art workshop session. This short course offer is good only for offer as art workshop in the Philippines but no qualification or art inclination needed. You can use our workshop to launch your own business based from your course interest.

Availability of classes, schedules and courses will always depend on our free time so visit our Contact Us Page now!

Thank You,

Team Creartume

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