Halloween Costume: Manananggal – Available for rent, sale and custom made orders

Bat Wings

Manananggal (Bat) Wings

Winning 2nd place from last year’s Star City Halloween costume contest dubbed as Spooktober 2012, our Manananggal costume is truly a special trophy to boast of for Team Creartume.

We made this one special as it is where we poured our dedication and patience in making the traditional horror stalker of pregnant women from the bat-like wings of the female legend monster of Pinoys called the Manananggal to the special effects where we made a rubber latex material, resin and paper pulp combined to mold the internal organs (kidney, spinal and pelvic bones and the intestines of the half body of the said monster stalker (See Photo).

Manananggal Props for Rent

Manananggal Props for Rent – Half Body with Internal Organs

Currently, we have this winning costume for rent to anyone interested but only available in as kids costume by size. On the other hand, for those who are interested to have their own custom-fit size for adults and teenagers, we also have one or we could make a custom size for you available upon order. Use our Free Quote section above to do so.

Order 1 month earlier before Halloween 2012 and we will slash off the price of the bat wings for you or we could make some other special arrangements like free make up studio place only. You can rent the service of our make up artist if you want somebody to do it for you including the retouch for your Halloween party 2012 or event.

Mananaggal Costume for Rent

Manananggal Costume for Rent

If you opt in to rent, reserve with us early but you have to pay the cost the same day you reserve because in our terms of renting costumes, we don’t actually allow reservations. (See our terms for rent contract). If you have other concerns, please don’t hesitate to use and ask for a quote below. Just click on the image and you will be led to our order and quote form.

Manananggal Mask

Manananggal Mask (Rubber Latex Material)

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