Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Masquerade mask samples ready and available for rent and sale anytime you want

Apart from our lineup / collection of wonderful, unique and colorful set of masks readily available everyday for sale and rent made from synthetic plastic, we make specialty products for your midnight masquerade mask party.

You can choose which type you want us to make for your big event so we can help you make yours fashionable, trendy and special. You can even choose to make us a mardi grass mask based from your own concept or you can let us use a concept based from your party’s motif and we’d be glad to give away the ideas and sketches for free. If you like, you can opt in for the venetian masquerade or Italian mask that will cloak your full face, half face vertical or half face horizontal and yes, even special contoured mask edges based from burlesque and feather motif. These are available for your custom order for both men, women and children of any age. (Use our quote image below)

That is why our customers are so eager at referring us and our services to their friends and family members whenever they need such service. It’s absolutely satisfaction guaranteed and a win win situation for both parties, you as our customer and Team Creartume as your custom mask makers in the Philippines.

If you want us to use your concept or idea design for your mask, just send us a picture of it or your sketch and everything else is up to us. Oh, don’t forget to mention which make you want us to make it for you but just like all our other suggestions, we would love it if you’d opt in to use paper pulp as the material. We can also make you a scented mask by choice. We have the Dolce and Gabbana for women scent and the Versace for men scent. Each uses the authentic perfume collection we have in stock here in our studio and workshop to make scented masks and other costume paraphernalia. Rubber latex had some irritation in some cases of sensitive skin so we don’t recommend its use unless a really special event is up and going to happen for you and you want to really catch the event participants to catch your special mask. (See our samples above) (Ready-made for sale and rent)

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